[RC5] My impatient cohorts

William Scott Lockwood III wsl3 at home.com
Mon Mar 16 06:06:13 EST 1998

Hi Roy!

Roy Wilson wrote:

> On Sun, 15 Mar 1998 22:32:05 -0800, William Scott Lockwood III wrote:
> >I'd say that's mainly due to the fact that so few of us use OS/2.
>         Nonsense.  The attacks are broadbanded.  IBM's 4.0x and 4.1x TCP/IP
> stacks are simply better written than the junk M$ puts out.  You can't DoS,
> OOB, or use a Tear/NewTear attack against an OS/2 system successfully.  Or
> any of the other infamous 'doze security holes.
>         You "so few use" statement is the equivalent of saying that 1950's
> pickup trucks are immune to fuel injector problems.

Nonsense right back at you Roy.  I was refering to why he hasn't HEARD anything
on the subject.

By the way,  I think we've all figgured out that you don't like MicroSnot.  :-)

Scott Lockwood
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