[RC5] question/comment

Linux Fan rhlinux at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 16 07:12:24 EST 1998

> Actually, rather than modify the DOS client directly, how about just a
> simple program that hooks the COM port\'s IRQ, and when it sees an
> interrupt on that line (meaning, usually, a RING signal), it sends a
> Ctrl-C to the current program.  This would avoid modifying the RC5
> client by adding horribly platform-dependent code.

That sounds like a great idea.  It could just ask us what IRQ we want
it to listen to.  For COM2 I think I'd put in 3.

> The program wouldn\'t need to be a TSR, per se.  Rather, it could
> up, hook interrupts, and then launch whatever program you wanted. 
> act as a wrapper in such a scenario.  When the client exits, the
> wrapper quits also, thus unhooking IRQs so that the BBS can run
> You could set the whole thing up in a short batchfile:
> - - - - -
> :top
> REM "ringwrap" is the proposed wrapper which waits for activity on a 
> REM particular COM line and kills the client program with a Ctrl-C
> REM it sees said activity.
> ringwrap COM2 rc5.exe (...rc5 flags...)
> REM "runbbs" is the BBS\'s executable
> runbbs
> goto top
> - - - - -

That looks like it would work.  Think someone can/will do it?  The
batch file is the easy part :)

> The primary issue is how long it would take to kill off the DOS
> client.  If it doesn\'t check for Ctrl-C often enough, then the BBS\'s
> caller may be sitting there wondering why he isn\'t getting an answer
> from the BBS.

I couldn't get it to kill when I pressed Ctrl-C repeatedly, so I've
learned to press Ctrl-Break instead.  For some reason it responds
almost immediately to Ctrl-Break but (seemingly) ignores Ctrl-C.

> Of course, if you\'re a true Linux afficianado, you could try running
> the BBS under DOSemu in Linux.  ;-)   Or better still, port the BBS to
> Linux.  (The latter is probably not possile unless you want to write
> everything from scratch, including all of the doors, etc.)

I've never tried running it under DOSemu, but I guess it's worth a
shot.  Doubt it can hurt anything, and it would certainly make
converting everything to Linux (long term plan) a lot easier if I
could have Linux running.  I don't know much about DOSemu, but I'll
see what I can figure out.
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