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Alexey Guzeev aga at permonline.ru
Mon Mar 16 18:54:58 EST 1998

On Sun, 15 Mar 1998 21:35:45 -0800 (PST), Linux Fan wrote:

>Just wanted to comment that something moving to let us know that
>it\\'s working would be nice.  I\\'m running the OS/2 GUI version on a
>P133 w/32MB.  
>The reason I think this feature would be nice is because I let it run
>for two hours and the thing never even showed the percentage
>indicator.  The system was idle the whole time, and as far as I know
>there is no power saving enabled.  
So, you definitelly have some process wich consumes all time at priority higher than 
"very nice" (i.e., Idle:0 aka 1:0). Run WatchCat/ProcessCommander/TOP/CPUMeter or 
any of the numerous available tools to determine which process isn't modest enough 
>Always wondered why they put power
>management capability into a desktop anyway...
But they *VERY* wants to put it somewhere ;-)

>When I came back and noticed this, I was about to start using the
>system.  Even so, I turned the niceness from the \\'recommended\\'
>setting to the most aggressive setting and the progress indicator
>showed up right away.  
I.e., you've set priority to Regilar:0 aka 2:0; that is default priority for processes, 
including all VDM (MDOS, WIN-OS2). BTW, it's usual situating when too aggressive 
DOS apps consumes all resources; it is not a problem usually even if several such 
'DOS offenders' started since wonderful OS/2 scheduler, but when you need free CPU 
at lower priorities - you should decrease IDLE_SENSITIVITY, IDLE_SECONDS, switch 
HW_TIMER, INT_DURING_IO, VIDEO_8514A_XGA_IOTRAP... - there are ~hundred 
setting for each Virtual Dos Machine available, use them!
rem If you are using Warp 4.0 you should apply fixpack#3 or higher to have the same 
"VDM poll tick stealing" quality as it is at Warp 3.0 versions.

>I was pleasantly surprised to find that there
>was no noticeable degradation in system performance as compared to how
>things ran before I even downloaded this program.
Heh, I suppose you are not using 386sx-16/2Mb nowadays to able to get bad multitask 
with good systems ;-)

>Even though this behavior is just probably a glitch in my system, it
>would be a convenience to know that it\\'s working by having something
>that moves at least once every 30 seconds.  
That's the blue progress indicator is for. At your P133 it is increased every 30-35 
seconds (yes, you guess it right ;-) ) when system is unused, if you are using 2^28 block 

>Maybe a character at the
>end of the progress meter that changes from being a - to being a |
>every few seconds?
It doesn't worth it. I'm sure several weeks later you will minimize you client out of 
desktop (if not will switch to detached cli version ;-) ). You are not looks like a person 
needs to see clouds often enough to feel all is OK. ;-)

>Also, what\\'s the difference between the cli and gui versions anyway?
At my expierence, they are practically same (few differences are documented), except 
of interface, of course. Ah, OS/2 PM (GUI) client is more handsome than Win32 GUI. ;-)

>Last but not least, has anyone ever considered a TSR version for DOS
Hmm, why don't you run OS/2 at this machine too? Even if you had 4 Mb at this machine 
you could use TShell and have wonderful DOS (and WIN-OS2, OS/2 text) multitasking, 
but I'm sure you have at least 8.

Alexey                                            [Team OS/2]
AKA 2:5054/16 at fidonet

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