[RC5] GUI Installation.

Bojan Baros barosb1 at lasalle.edu
Mon Mar 16 13:38:09 EST 1998

I had a problem with GUI instalation recently (Win95).
The computers are gataways with I think newest version of Win95.
The problem is that after instalation I get a message like:
"This file has been replaced with the older version.  Windows may not 
function properly until you restart the computer (and fix the problem, I 
Most of you on win95 ran onto this at one point of the time, so you know 
what happened.
The problems source is in the fact that during instalation a newer file 
is "updated" with the older version, even though I don't know which file 
actualy would it be (I think it was one of dll's).
Could next version of installer give you a warning before replaces files 
or something like that?
On the other side, it might just be a system glitch.

Bojan Baros
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