[RC5] Stats?

Justin Cave jocave at MIT.EDU
Mon Mar 16 15:44:25 EST 1998

At 11:13 AM 3/16/98 -0800, Drew Schatt wrote
| Hi there-
| 	I was meandering along in the stats until recently, when I finally
| got all of the machines here at work to start running the client.
I've now
| moved up 1500 places in the individual stats, and am still gaining...
| (Woohoo!).  Anyhow, My question is this:  Why is it that people who are
| below me in the stats (yet have been participating for the same
number of
| days) have overall averages that are higher than mine? One would
think that
| the overall rates would be the total number of keys, divided by the
| time, right? For instance, look at the followin two listings:
| Email Rank	Email		Blocks	Time		Last Block	Rate
| 2630	schatt	          27643	144 days	15-Mar	596.42
| 2633	grege  	          27619	144 days	12-Mar	608.58
| Since we've both been participating the same amount of time,
shouldn't the
| Rates be in order of ranking?  Or am I missing something simple?

I think that the problem here is that the rate isn't re-averaged
until you submit a new block.  Thus, you've done 596.42 kkeys/sec for
144 days, while the other guy did 608.58 kkeys/sec for 141 days and
hasn't submitted a block in the past 3 days.

I think the confusion comes from the number of days a person has
participated, which is the number of days between today and the first
day he/she submitted a block.

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