[RC5] Disapearing blocks - again :(

Tomasz Glowacki tglow at box43.gnet.pl
Mon Mar 16 22:09:44 EST 1998

HI !

 I'm a bit new on that list so i have to ask you one question. 
What will happen if block "disapear" ? It will be reasigned , marked as
unchecked or what else ? 

I'm doing my rc5 in school , and there are no internet connection for a now
(new school,just built). So I have to send blocks from home. Sometimes kids
turning off computers and blocks are disapearing. Even with checkpoint files


       TomeQ^bROkEn (Tomasz Glowacki) 
         glowacka at bobas.czd.waw.pl 
            tglow at friko.onet.pl 

   Dostep do internetu 56 Kbps Flex / 64 Kbps ISDN http://www.getin.pl
       Darmowe konta pocztowe w sieci GETIN. http://box43.gnet.pl
           GETIN Internet Service Provider http://www.gnet.pl

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