[RC5] PII-233 - real power ????

Tomasz Glowacki tglow at box43.gnet.pl
Mon Mar 16 22:10:27 EST 1998

Hi !

 I just have started doing rc5-64 on PII-233 and Win95GUI client.  I have
found something weird.  When client is doing blocks at the start it shows
about 650k keys/s .  It is quite ok.  But after some time it slows
gradually on each block to about 300k keys/s.  Why ?  It could screen saver
taking so much CPU time ?

It happens on other machines too .  Like P133 and P166MMX .  They slows
from 180k keys/s (for P133) and 260k keys/s (for P166MMX) to about 85k
keys/s and 100k keys/s .

Whats up ? 


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         glowacka at bobas.czd.waw.pl 
            tglow at friko.onet.pl 

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