[RC5] What if?

Paul Deneyer paul.deneyer at ping.be
Mon Mar 16 22:35:27 EST 1998

>Marc Sissom wrote:
>>Nobody said that you had to participate in the "self-funded-contest".
>>Call it a raffle if you will. Remember that the primary purpose is
>>to raise money. If you don't want to pay-and-play, you can run one
>>of the other clients
>This idea will sure increase the number of users.  If we use you logic,
>given a choice between playing the lotto for free or buying a ticket, more
>people are going to pay for a ticket.

You really think so? I believe we would loose a vast amount of 
with such a strategie.
I don't play lotto, and if I would have to pay for the blocks, then you
count me out.

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