[RC5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #167

Dave Ladd dl4g at virginia.edu
Mon Mar 16 16:31:38 EST 1998

Bad advice.  Don't use the command until you know it
will wipe out the virus and nothing else.

If your system is infected with an self encrypting
virus you will screw up your partition table.  You need
to use the virus innoculation options provided in your
virus software.  Or fdisk and start over.


On Mon, 16 Mar 1998, John Chris Wren wrote:

>That's a pretty arbitrary thing to tell someone to go do, without more
>knowledge of the system.  If he has some kind of disk management
>software (to allow larger hard drives on older systems), you'll have
>just killed his ability to boot the system.
>On Mon, 16 Mar 1998 11:54:32 -0800, you wrote:
>>Hello Aaron!
>>Aaron Cannon wrote:
>>> So that's what's (is that correct English?) been screwing with my
>>> computer.
>>> On a related note, last few times I've booted my computer, it has given me
>>> a message that I might have a virus because my boot record has been
>>> modified.  Any ideas?
>>Open a dos prompt.  Type:  FDISK /MBR <Enter>
>>Then re-boot.
>>That should solve your problem.  If it does not, you need anti-viral utils.
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