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Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Mon Mar 16 16:05:56 EST 1998

'Dave Ladd' said previously:
| Bad advice.  Don't use the command until you know it
| will wipe out the virus and nothing else.
| If your system is infected with an self encrypting
| virus you will screw up your partition table.  You need
| to use the virus innoculation options provided in your
| virus software.  Or fdisk and start over.

The Monkey virus is known for this behavior.  It is a "Stealth Virus"
which copies your MBR/Partition Table to a different area of the 
hard drive and "encrypts" it.  (Really, it just XORs with a constant,
but that's sufficient to make it obscured.)  

When you boot with Monkey present, it hooks all drive accesses so that
reads/writes to the MBR appear to show the real, uninfected MBR, but in
actuality, the MBR on the drive has the Monkey virus in it.  I imagine
utilities and OSes which bypass DOS/BIOS services to access the disk
would see an inconsistent MBR and complain of a problem, but would also
be powerless to fix the problem.

There are programs on the net for cleaning Monkey (eg. "KillMonk" comes
to mind) and related virii from your computer.  I would first boot from
a clean, write-protected floppy which has your favorite DOS-based
Anti-Virus software on it first and have it give its opinion of your
hard drive before you proceed with drastic measures such as FDISK.



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