[RC5] Stats?

Lord Somnolent sleepy at os.com
Mon Mar 16 17:59:05 EST 1998

Drew Schatt wrote:
> Hi there-
>         I was meandering along in the stats until recently, when I finally
> got all of the machines here at work to start running the client.  I've now
> moved up 1500 places in the individual stats, and am still gaining...
> (Woohoo!).  Anyhow, My question is this:  Why is it that people who are
> below me in the stats (yet have been participating for the same number of
> days) have overall averages that are higher than mine? One would think that
> the overall rates would be the total number of keys, divided by the total
> time, right? For instance, look at the followin two listings:
> Email Rank      Email           Blocks  Time            Last Block      Rate
> 2630    schatt at jobtrak.com      27643   144 days        15-Mar  596.42
> 2633    grege at acsworld.net      27619   144 days        12-Mar  608.58
> Since we've both been participating the same amount of time, shouldn't the
> Rates be in order of ranking?  Or am I missing something simple?

The more general explanation is that the rate is the average rate
throughout the contest, it is possible to beat someone with a higher
average rate than you simply because you had a good day or they had a
bad day. But in this case, its because grege at acsworld.net didn't submit
blocks since March 12; it still counts a day worked even if the user
submitted no blocks on that day, presuming that they are working but
have the blocks queued someplace.
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