[RC5] Stats?

Chris Johnson cjohnson at ipapilot.org
Mon Mar 16 18:29:09 EST 1998

>The more general explanation is that the rate is the average rate
>throughout the contest, it is possible to beat someone with a higher
>average rate than you simply because you had a good day or they had a
>bad day. But in this case, its because grege at acsworld.net didn't submit
>blocks since March 12; it still counts a day worked even if the user
>submitted no blocks on that day, presuming that they are working but
>have the blocks queued someplace.

Frankly, that doesn't make any sense. If two people have been
participating in the contest for exactly the same length of time, then the
one with the higher average rate must be ahead of the other: average rate
* time = keys completed. The only plausible explanation in this case is
that the two contestants have not been participating for exactly the same
time -- the period shown in the statistics is rounded to a day, and
presumably the resolution of what's stored in the stats database is
something smaller than that.

Chris Johnson

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