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Linux Fan rhlinux at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 16 19:41:03 EST 1998

> Hello Linux Fan.

Hi :)

> I've run a BBS for years and years.  Perhaps there are other sysops
on the
> list as well.Maybe if you tell us what you're running, we could be
of some
> use helping you to get
> it to run under the multi-tasking OS of your choice, and thus enable
you to
> add another
> machine to the project...

I'm running Renegade.  Not exactly the greatest, but the price can't
be beat.  I'd *really* like to run it under Linux, but my Linux skills
are those of a beginner who has read the Red Hat manual (except the
parts about Alpha boxes, which I'm clueless about).

I received a suggestion of using 'dosemu' and was pleasantly surprised
to find that it IS installed on my Linux system (RedHat 4.1). 
However, nothing happens when I type dosemu at the bash prompt.  I was
logged in as root when I tried it.  If I recall right, man dosemu
didn't work either.

I tried it under OS/2 and the BBS thought carrier had dropped every
time someone tried to upload or download a file.  The protocols are
external in Renegade.

> > (Yes, that address stands for Red Hat Linux.  I run Red Hat 4.1 when
> > I\'m not experimenting with OS/2 warp and like Linux MUCH better
> > Win95.)
> And who doesn't?  <g>

I have a friend that's a diehard Win95 fan and another that absolutely
HATES Windows 3.x and 95 since it crashed on him for the last time
over the weekend.  Since he was totally in the dark about Linux
licensing, he was really surprised when I told him it was perfectly
legal for him to borrow my Linux CD.  Better stop, feel like I'm going
off topic.

rhlinux at yahoo.com 

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