[RC5] PII-233 - real power ????

Greg Nicholson greg at d0gz.net
Mon Mar 16 23:41:58 EST 1998

At 05:22 PM 3/16/98 -0800, you wrote:

>Agreed.  Screen Savers, or Power Saving on the computer
>will greatly reduce your systems ability to process the keys.
>My P200MMX has been cranking happily at 280Kkeys/sec
>for the past week or so; I just turn off the monitor and let
>it run.
>On a similar note:  How great should the difference be between
>OS versions on the same CPU?  I'm running the linux client on
>a PPro 200, and getting about 550Kkey/sec.  Will the NT client
>or Win95 clients perform at the same level?  (The linux box
>sits at about load avg. 1.10)

 Just me and all... But why not allow a RC5-stat screen-saver module?

Could it be that hard to implement?


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