[RC5] What If?

Paul West paulw at premier1.net
Tue Mar 17 00:34:48 EST 1998

Thompson, Christopher wrote:

> I live in Canada.  Two hours, round-trip, away from the nearest bank and
> post office.  For me to send in $1 U.S., if you can even buy
> denominations of US currency that small, is a fairly significant
> undertaking for me.  I would not contribute $1 U.S. but would consider
> more if I saw it as a valuable contribution of my money *and* time.
> Of course, if d.net took VISA, that's a whole different matter.

Then of course there is the problem of Canadian Lottery rules.  Even
prizes given at McDonalds require a skill testing question before they
can be awarded.  I suppose that there are other jurisdictions with even
stricter rules.

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