[RC5] A new life for RC5

James Kew JKew at softwright.co.uk
Tue Mar 17 08:54:04 EST 1998

mstoufer at nersc.gov writes:

>The idea is this. If we can get everyone to chip in $1 to a fund managed by
>d.net's fiscal arm (if any???) we can amass a large amount of booty to give
>to whomever cracks the block. On top of the $1000 promised by RSA, we can
>tack on at least another $20000 from all of our donations.
>This can work. All the bugs are worked out, we need to now market our idea. 

Four things:
1. It's a lottery and as such falls under gambling regulations, not just
in the US, but world-wide.
2. How do non-US residents -- and there's a *lot* of us -- pay $1
without getting hit by currency charges? 
3. Managing and administering all these $1 contributions is a
non-negligible cost.
4. Lots of people here have strong feelings against a d.net lottery: I
suspect the participation rate would be quite low.

James Kew, SSA Softwright
"Baldrick, the ape creatures of the Indus have mastered this."
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