[RC5] RE: OFF TOPIC: Virii

Paul Ross paul at pilat.com
Tue Mar 17 10:02:21 EST 1998

This is completly irrelevant. You want to take that gamble? Or you want to try 
something safer, and more likely to correct the problem?

Most virii experts will quote the command you just threw at the world as FDISK 
/mumble, so those who know what you're talking about know what to do, and those 
who don't know can't screw anything up. It's a very nasty command to be playing 

And nearly every one of those same experts will tell you FDISK /mumble is 
unecessary. You can get shareware versions of most of the top packages for 
private home use from the internet.

IMO, Dr Solomon's is one of the best on the market. 
But in the interests of diversity, you may want to try F-PROT: 

I think there's a couple more out downloadables there, McAfee springs to mind 
but I can't find it.

Moral to everyone: Do NOT use FDISK /MBR unless you are COMPLETELY sure of what 
you are doing, and how to fix any cockups it may cause. If you suspect virus 
activitity, use an antivirus package.

Now, this topic is irrelevant to this list: can we please end it, and stop 
spamming everyone.  I welcome any private enquiries/flames, however.


On 17 March 1998 00:44, William Scott Lockwood III [SMTP:wsl3 at home.com] wrote:
> Hi Mike!
> Mike Harms wrote:
> > I agree.  The MBR being incorrect could be caused by a Virus or failing
> > media.  Before doing anything to fix it, I would backup important
> > information and then attempt to correct it.  If it is failing media it
> > could crash after the MBR is rewritten causing a loss of access to the
> > partitions.
> Which is possible, although significantly less likely than a simple MBR
> infecting virus that is easily over written.
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> Scott Lockwood
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