The Lottery Debate (was: [RC5] Lotteries are a bad idea.)

Skip Huffman SHuffman at Atl.Carreker.Com
Tue Mar 17 10:00:30 EST 1998

On Tue, 17 Mar 1998 09:31:28 -0500, Chris Eaton wrote:

>Enough! Please do not bomb the list with messages saying you don't like the
>lottery! I don't really like it either, but this is getting rediculous.

As I said, I did not want to do this, but I remember the "Reply-To"
fiasco, and felt that the "keep the status quo" crowd needed a low
bandwidth way to communicate their views, therefore the "blank
message vote" idea.  Because the messages should have no body, they
should not have much effect on the list.

>I'll tell you what, if we want to find out what people treuly think of the
>lottery idea, lets take a poll. All we would have to do is get one person for
>everybody to email their opinions to, and that person could tally up the
>I'm willing to do it, I love that kind of stuff... :)

OK, sounds reasonable.

>But what would the question look like, maybe something like this: 

I think that your questions are too specific.  I would rather a
general one of the sort:

"Should DCTI engage in any sort of gambling operation where
contributers make a donation of funds or other real goods in the
hopes of winning simular funds or real goods?"

I still would like to see a bunch of "Lotteries are a bad idea"
message headers. :-P

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