[RC5] Speed.

V. Alex Brennen alexb at ufl.edu
Tue Mar 17 12:27:46 EST 1998

Bojan Baros wrote:

> Got a question... Can anyone translate our rate from kkeys/sec to
> flops/sec.
> I was reading this article in byte, and they said that the fastest
> computer broke 1 teraflops per second.  It is made from 9000 Pentiums
> (don't know exactly which ones, think P II 233).
> We should be able to top that...
> Please answer me personaly or post it to the list so everybody will
> know...
> Thanks...
>   Bojan Baros

No.  FLOPS =  Floating Point Operations Per Second.  The bovine RC5
clients don't use floating point.  You could translate it to MIPS
(MIPS = Million Instructions Per Second).  But the RC5 code is so
specialized that's it's really a worthless benchmark for anything
other than RSA Challenge RC5.  But if you find it interesting to
express key rate in a unit other than keys, I think it's about 10
instructions per key (when it's applied to very large numbers of

  - Alex
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