[RC5] PII-233 - real power ????

Sean Matheis seanm at mail.mcafee.com
Tue Mar 17 10:28:31 EST 1998

At 18:11 17 Mar 98, Paul, through the Pancreator's Grace, said:

> If Sean were to leave his screen saver active and turn the monitor off, he'd 
> suffer the performance loss anyway. What (I hope!) he, and everyone else is 

Yup.  Just disabled the screen saver.  Works wonders now :)

> Modern monitors don't suffer from screen burn anymore. I just leave mine on all 
> night :)

I _try_ to save power whenever possible.  Lower power bills makes
me a happier person :)

Linux-ish question: Is any version of linux "better" (ie. faster)
for running rc5?  I've got a p-90 sitting around w/ win95 on 
it, doing nothing.  In my never-ending quest for learning more and
more about unix, I'm debating throwing linux on it as well.
Since this machine will do nothing but sit and churn numbers,
I might as well optimize it as much as I can.  
(send opinions to me if you want to spare the list from IMHOs...)


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