[RC5] Win32 GUI vs NT Service

Jeff Baker jbaker at eskimo.tamu.edu
Tue Mar 17 15:02:26 EST 1998

> I'm running the win32 gui client on my NT workstation at work, and I was
> wondering if there was any reason why I should run the NT service client
> instead. Is there any major speed difference, something to do with
> priorities?
> (Note that I'm the only one who uses the computer and I never log off.)
> I run the gui client because every now and then I like to bring up the
> stats and see how it is going. I also sometimes perform manual
> fetch/flush. The gui client makes this much easier to do.

I run the service.  I check th stats by looking at rc5log.txt, and I do a flush
with a shortcut to rc5desrv.exe -update.

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