[RC5] RE: Windows 95 updates

Eric Neustadter ericneu at microsoft.com
Tue Mar 17 14:48:08 EST 1998


European mirror:


> One machine I use here at work used to run eXceed under Win95 so that I
> could work on the Suns.  If I didn't reboot the machine every couple of
> days, I would be well over 48MB into swap.  I was only running eXceed,
> and within eXceed I was only running Netscape and xterms on the Sun.
> Granted, Netscape causes X servers to use more RAM, but I've never seen
> it cause an X server to require 50+ MB.  As it turned out, closing
> eXceed did not release the memory--Win95 was hogging it.  Patching up
> the TCP/IP stack did help though.

Well, could you point us to the URL where to get those patches?
Win95 and NT, although I think the hotfixes-postsp3 fixes all known
bugs. But I'd like to know where to get win95 patches....

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