[RC5] Win95 patches for TCP/IP stack stuff

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Tue Mar 17 19:53:50 EST 1998

'Ivo Janssen' said previously:
| Well, could you point us to the URL where to get those patches?
| Win95 and NT, although I think the hotfixes-postsp3 fixes all known
| bugs. But I'd like to know where to get win95 patches....

Go to the following URL.  (I don't know if the Microsoft support site
will let you in without logging in, but give it a whirl anyway.)
I'm pretty sure Service Pack 1 contains the fixes I was referring to.


If your machine is running Win95b (also known as OSR2), then you do not
need this patch.  

There may have been other patches I've installed (it was about a year ago
that I did all of this).  Microsoft's web site is nearly impossible for
me to navigate using Netscape under Solaris.  The fonts are unreadably 
small (to the point that letters aren't even fully formed!) and their 
infinitely long selector boxes don't even fit entirely on-screen!  So, 
needless to say, I haven't looked around their site completely for all 
of the patches I may have downloaded a year ago. 



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