One dollar (was [RC5] What If?)

John Ragland tachyon at
Wed Mar 18 06:50:07 EST 1998

On Tue, 17 Mar 1998 08:20:23 +0100, Lars Svane Kreissl Kristensen

>>>I live in Canada.  Two hours, round-trip, away from the nearest bank and
>>>post office.  For me to send in $1 U.S., if you can even buy
>>>denominations of US currency that small, is a fairly significant
>>>undertaking for me.

>>There is a lot of US money floating around in the Canadian economy.
>>Just ask one of your friends or someone at a business for a US one
>>dollar bill if you need one.

>It seems to me somehow, that the most of you guys think, there's noone
>outside the north-american hemisphere contributing to As far as I
>can see on the stats pages, there are some other countries involved too, or
>is it like the *American-dollar* is the new world currency.

Now that I think of it, Canadian money should be acceptable in the US
just like US money is accepted at many places in Canada. I myself
accept Canadian money even though I am currently located in the
Republik of Kalifornia.
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