[RC5] I do not understand...

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Wed Mar 18 09:29:22 EST 1998

David McNett wrote:
> On 18-Mar-1998, Kalle Tuulos wrote:
> > Yes, that's the address I've sent those questions and got no answers. I
> > quess mail to rc5help at d.net goes straightly to /dev/null ?
> While I have no way of knowing what your question was, I do know that
> it's standard policy to ignore all inquiries to rc5help if they are
> already covered in the FAQ.

even if the inquiry is to try to clarify some (minor) point that someone
may not exactly have a handle on?

i know that i sent a message from one of the webpages inquiring if the
"kkeys" on the page was a mistype or if it =really= meant "thousand
keys"... the next question, in my mind was, "is that the computer 'k'
(1024) or the real world 'k' (1000)?"

i see now also references to Mkeys... again, i have to assume that is
"million keys" but no where is there any clarification. for many, these
numbers are huge and almost impossible to imagine that they could be
"real"... try explaining to your 16year old, "yes, your 5x86-133 =is=
calculating 130000 keys a second." the look of complete disbelief is

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