[RC5] What happens if I have to cancel?

BMM bmm at minder.net
Wed Mar 18 10:37:11 EST 1998

You don't really need to do anything.  When you're shutting down linux,
init will send the rc5des process a signal and it will (should) die
gracefully.  On the machine I have that dual boots linux/95, the client is
installed in both OS's and, client upgrades excepted, I never have to do
anything to maintain them.

By "number to put in the configuration", I assume you mean buffer numbers?
That sort of depends on how fast your machine crunches blocks as well as
your connectivity.  If you have a dial-up internet connection, or a fast
machine you'll probably want to set your in/out buffers higher than if you
have a 24/7 connection and a 486.

Happy Cracking!


> I'm running linux (on a machine where I dual boot) and I need to switch
> operating systems.  Also, I could use some pointers on what is a good
> number to put in the configuration.  I'd like to donate my CPU time, but
> I need to be able to switch operating systems on demand with say 5
> minutes notice.

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