[RC5] I do not understand...

Kalle Tuulos Kalle at Tuulos.iki.fi
Wed Mar 18 21:16:04 EST 1998

Mike Silbersack wrote:
> Currently, the rc5help at distributed.net is split between myself and
> another person.  I just searched all through my rc5help
> inbox and historical messages, and was not able to find your message.
> Either both messages didn't get sent to me, or
> never arrived at distributed.net.

Hmm... I got an automated answer saying that my question was arrived.
And I can find the message I sent from my mail server's log:
03/11/1998 08:31:59: [m0yCf3X-0004GQC] Received FROM:Kalle at Tuulos.iki.fi
HOST:Tuulos.iki.fi [] PROTOCOL:esmtp PROGRAM:in.smtpd
ORIG-ID:<35062FDE.A18D8FB7 at Tuulos.iki.fi> SIZE:1239
03/11/1998 08:32:05: [m0yCf3X-0004GQC] destination supports esmtp
8BITMIME SIZE 03/11/1998 08:32:06: [m0yCf3X-0004GQC]
DeliveredVIA:ns1.distributed.net TO:rc5help at distributed.net
ORIG-TO:<rc5help at distributed.net> ROUTER:inet_hosts TRANSPORT:smtp
03/11/1998 08:32:07: [m0yCf3X-0004GQC] Completed.

> There is no way to fix corrupted buffers files.

Bad thing ;-(

> As to how the buffer got corrupted?

I ran the client in 9 hosts sharing one buffer file over NFS. Then I
moved buffer files to other host by rcp and updated/flushed them from
it. I used this arrangement for abt. 3 weeks but one day the client
performing update/flush said "Error 31".

	- kalle -
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