[RC5] Chance of "the" key being in faulty buffer

Glen Hoag hoag at ro.com
Wed Mar 18 13:18:15 EST 1998

At 1:07 PM -0600 3/18/98, C. Smith wrote:
>In reply to Robert Brooks (robertb at geocities.com)  who on 3/18/98 1:45 PM
>>If someone had suggested this during the DES contest (when we had to finish
>>90% of the keyspace and were getting worried), we'd have probably all
>>started sweating at once...
>You weren't sweating during the DES-II contest? With the entire Key-space
>handed out TWICE?!

The entire keyspace wasn't handed out twice.  Most of it was reported back
as checked the first time it was handed out.  Towards the end, blocks that
hadn't been returned were reissued.  Some of those blocks were issued a
third time as requests came in.  I seem to recall that someone from d.net
said that the winning block had only been issued once.

--Glen Hoag
  hoag at ro.com

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