[RC5] Encryption news

BMM bmm at minder.net
Wed Mar 18 14:57:33 EST 1998

On Wed, 18 Mar 1998, David A. Cafaro wrote:

> Feds back down a little (if momentarily) on US encryption.  Thought people
> might like to take a look if you haven't heard about it yet.
After reading the transcripts of the DoJ/FBI's statements on this matter,
I can't help imagine them giggling as they leave the hearing when one of
them says to the other, "think they bought it?"

Also, at the hearing, someone mentioned that since it an unnamed effort
with several thousand pentium class cpu's four months to crack 56 bit
encryption (desI?), it would clearly be unreasonable to require LEA's to
crack even "weak" keys to get the goodies.  He suggested that backdoored
crypto would be the only way to ward off the Four Horseman of the
Infocalypse (drug dealers, terrorist, money launderes, and dadadadum...
child pornographers).  Why this is silly goes without saying.

Was DesChall the effort that won DES/56 (the first time?)


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