[RC5] Block reassigment

Alexey Guzeev aga at permonline.ru
Thu Mar 19 02:31:38 EST 1998

On Tue, 17 Mar 1998 18:56:20 -0600, Jim C. Nasby wrote:

>There has been no RC5-64 key reassignment to date. 
Thank you for information.

>We switched from 0x64 to 0x66 at the
>beginning of DES so that there was no possibility of contaminating the work we had 
>done if
>there was a problem with the 2.7 clients.

>Keep in mind that each subspace still has 2^56 keys in it. At our current rate 
>it will take just over 2 months to exhaust a sub-space.
  I'm discomforted of possibility that I'll download in-buffer for not-so-easily-accessed 
computer 'R' with blocks at subspace 'A', and next day (next week) reassigment in 'A' 
will begun. And when I'll manage to take out-buffer from 'R' (2-4 weeks later) those 
keys will aready be scanned by someone else.
  I'd just like to hear that this possibility is impossible.
  Or - that it's a real scenario ;-( - then I'd better switch to OGR or MP or some other "idle 
client" on those computers, when current key subspace will be almoust exhausted.

Alexey                                            [Team OS/2]
AKA 2:5054/16 at fidonet

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