[RC5] Block reassigment

Marc Sissom marcus at dfwmm.net
Wed Mar 18 16:11:57 EST 1998

Alexey Guzeev wrote:
>   I'm discomforted of possibility that I'll download in-buffer for
> not-so-easily-accessed
> computer 'R' with blocks at subspace 'A', and next day (next week)
> reassigment in 'A'
> will begun. And when I'll manage to take out-buffer from 'R' (2-4
> weeks later) those
> keys will aready be scanned by someone else.
>   I'd just like to hear that this possibility is impossible.
> ;-)
>   Or - that it's a real scenario ;-( - then I'd better switch to OGR
> or MP or some other "idle
> client" on those computers, when current key subspace will be almoust exhausted.

Stick with rc5 if you run x86 machines. I mean, unless you just want
to do something else. The x86s and PPCs are pretty good at it.

Don't worry about the overlap/re-assignment for a while yet. :)
I have not seen any re-assigned blocks from the first keyspace-slice
in my logs as yet. Perhaps that's just chance, but I don't think
that they have started re-assigning from the first slice which was
finished(initial assignment anyway) a good while ago.

Perhaps one of the orgs will step in here and announce the re-
assignment schedule?
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