[RC5] Linux, 4 mb RAM, Was: DR-DOS

Jussi Kallioniemi jukal at infosto.fi
Thu Mar 19 00:27:47 EST 1998

Harka at excelsior.net wrote:
> On a related note: which Linux-distribution could I install with 4
> MB RAM? (I tried OpenLinux Base, but they meant it when writing "At
> least 8 MB required" :))

Try Monkey, Mini Linux :-)

Monkey can run on this minimal HW: 386SX, 4MB RAM, 30MB on IDE HDD.
Contain X Window for any SVGA videocard, support for network, support
for 3C5x9,
3c59x, 3c900, NE2000/NE1000, WD80x3 ethernet cards, ATAPI/MITSUMI CD.
There is some ready-to-install packages, GCC and kernel source for
compiling your own kernel too. 


--Jussi Kallioniemi [jukal at cyberian.org]
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