[RC5] I do not understand...

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Wed Mar 18 17:40:34 EST 1998

Chris Harrison wrote:
> At 11:58 AM 3/18/98 -0600, you wrote:
> >As to how the buffer got corrupted?  That's for you to answer.
> So this means the d.net clients are 100% bug free?
> >I've been running the client in its various
> >incarnations for almost a year now, never having a single corrupted
> buffer; it >seems that corrupted buffers are usually
> >caused by faulty file sharing systems or system crashes.
> You may have been running the client in various incarnations, but
> considering the number or releases of d.net client,number of OSs involved,
> number of
> CPUs involved i really you doubt you have tested it all.  You really should
> look for a solution rather than say it d.net is not at fault.

i agree 100%... i have personally seen something of this sort happening
here on my own systems... i have three Win95 systems and an OS/2 system.
the OS/2 system has been the main one in the group. before i put a
personal proxy in place and moved the clients to using their own buffer
files, i had them sharing the same buffer files on the OS/2 box via UNC
path naming (ie: \\box1\c\rc5\buff-in.rc5)  my OS/2 box has switched
over to a full screen with a blue box and error text about not being
able to write data. i don't have the details handy ;-(  but i believe i
have written a message about it at some time in the last few days. since
i've only been in the effort for 19 days, there's not a whole lot to go
back thru to see...

now that i have a personal proxy running and each of the four
(currently) machines using their own buffer files, i have not seen this
problem at all. i do know that i was unable to get one of the Win95
boxes to shutdown until i shut down another one that was doing the
percentage line across the bottom of the display window. once i got that
machine "out of the way" the one i was originally working with had no
problems and terminated as expected. after seeing that, i decided to
look closer at the personal proxys and implemented the OS/2 version at
about 0400 one morning after waking up thinking about the problem i was

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