[RC5] Subspaces question (was: Chance of "the" key being in faulty buffer)

Chris Eaton tridus at inforamp.net
Wed Mar 18 20:18:10 EST 1998

At 06:49 PM 18/03/98 , you wrote:
>Apologies for being ignorant, but could you please explain what you mean when
>keyspace is split into "56-bit blocks".

Sure... :)
Actually, they are usually called 56-bit subspaces. What they've done is taken
the entire keyspace of 2^64 keys, and broken it into 256 2^56 keyspaces. Each
one of those is a '56-bit subspace'. What they do is hand out and complete all
of the blocks inside a subspace before moving on to another subspace, that way
the database of completed vs uncompleted blocks is smaller.

Hope that helps. 
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