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Linux Fan rhlinux at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 18 18:08:48 EST 1998

>   May be, but sometimes it's impossible - for example, I am running
mailer (The 
> Brake!(tm) mailer ;-) ) 24 hours 7 days a week (it's some sort of
BBS software, but it is 
> NOT a BSS in common mean). It rescans his outbound from time to time
at priority 
> lower than normal, as configured - since I've got a HUGE outbound
(1.5G). So If I'll try 
> to raise priority of distributed.net client - my mailer would never
rescan outbound any 
> more.
>   The other example: Lotus Smart Suite performs some work at idle
priority; you can 
> suspend it execution if you are running distributed.net client at
too high priority.

I agree that your way is the correct way, but my way works in my
particular situation since I don't have anything (other than this
project) for the computer to do except when I'm sitting there pounding
it.  Keep in mind that I have ideas of switching to Linux if I decide
to do anything very complicated like automated mail rescanning, etc.

I did tone it down to the middle of the three settings when the system
was under a real heavy load.  The project still goes about as fast
when I'm not actively using the machine, and the machine's performance
seems fine when I'm using.

>   OS/2 don't have process which require whole CPU - beleive me, I've
installed over 
> 50 OS/2 copies - different versions, very different hardware,
different network support, 
> different applications... The only exceptions is 'Pulse' and 'CPU
monitor' at 
> WarpCenter - theese CPU meters definitely should be disabled - and
too aggressive 
> DOS task - you should tune VDM settings. Any other standard
components definitely 
> DO NOT REQUIRE all CPU time.

You just gave me an idea!  Maybe that little monitor up there in the
Warp Center is checking for disk space on drive C all the time.  Since
you're obviously miles ahead of me, could you tell me if that's likely
what was keeping rc5 from working at the recommended setting?

I think we agree that, since it made no progress at the recommended
setting, there is something running.  Since I know that I hadn't
started anything, whatever it was must have been started by the
machine.  That's the extent of my knowledge.  If I found out what it
was, I wouldn't have the foggiest how to make it stop doing whatever
it's doing.

> If you are using default 2^30 block size, then progress indicator of
course will be 
> updated ~ ones per two minutes. If you have any other _one_
all-time-active task at the 
> same priority as distributed.net client, PI will be updated ~ every
4 minutes, if you have 
> two - ~ every 6 minutes. And so on...

No clue what tasks I have or at what priority.  I'll assume I'm using
the default block size.

> I am not surprised. ;-) I like to look at my mailer (and
distributed.net client :] ) 
> sometimes too, although I had not configured, manually controlled,
started/stopped it 
> al least half an year. But when I don't look at it, it's minimized
off the desktop.

I have the window in the middle of the desktop covering up that OS/2
logo.  I can't see much point in minimizing it since I do the
fetch/flush thing manually and there's nothing gained by being able to
see the logo behind it.  It's usually buried under IBM Works anyway.

>   That's NOT a problem at all ;-) Just create Program object for
rc5des.exe (or maybe, 
> self-written rc5des.cmd) somewhere on the desktop or deeper folder,
and put shadow 
> at WarpCenter tray (You can create up to 16 easy selectable trays to
organize your 
> frequently accessed objects/folders, if exisiting default tray is
already full).

It would be in the way on the Warp Center tray, and I switch trays
often enough that it would have to be on several to be of much
advantage.  Below or above the clock like I have it in Win95 would be
kind of cool, but not worth much trouble.  Thanks for explaining it

>   Or, you can leave your Program object on desktop, you wll always
have access to it 
> with just two mouse clicks - it's accessible via menu under "OS/2
Warp" button on 
> WarpCenter. Or you can access it via menu under "Window List" 
button on 
> WarpCenter.

>   By default successive open of  Program object do not run second
copy of program, 
> but pull running one on top (restore it if minimized). Additionally,
you can remove 
> distributed.net client from Window List using freeware 'nolist'

That default drives me crazy when I'm trying to open a second copy of
something.  Window List?!?  Sorry, but I just tried alt-tab and
stopped learning when I discovered that it worked...

> Didn't you forget to tell SIO that port is used by several programs
(those does use 
> correct sharing, like DOS ones) at one time? There is a piece of
> ===
>      Protection
>      Placing a dash "-" or a plus "+" in the fourth parameter
position, eg
>      (COM1,3F8,IRQ4,-),  causes SIO not to provide any protection
for that
>      port.  The OS may still protect the port somewhat.  When the dash
>      parameter is used the port is wide open (like DOS) for any
process to
>      access it.  If the plus is used, then DOS/Windows sessions are
>      inhibited from turning DTR off.
> ===

Think we just made some progress here:  I didn't know anything about
ANY parameters anywhere.  I guess I'm too used to DOS where things are
quite separated from others....

> P.S. Ha! You don't need this port in OS/2 processes, do you? Then,
you can simply 
> do not load com port driver (COM/VCOM, or SIO/VSIO), and your DOS
BBS will get full 
> unrestricted direct access to modem port (io addrs/irq). All
problems gone away ;-)

Actually, I would want to use the built in dialup TCP/IP if I put OS/2
on the machine.

Thanks for all your input, but I probably won't put OS/2 back on that
machine since Linux includes a lot more network server capability and
has good old DOSemu.  I would like to use this BBS machine as a LAN
server as well... 

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