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Alexey Guzeev aga at permonline.ru
Thu Mar 19 17:02:19 EST 1998

On Wed, 18 Mar 1998 18:08:48 -0800 (PST), Linux Fan wrote:

[all skept]

  This thread seems to be gone out of topic. I'll help rhlinux at yahoo.com at private 
netmail. If anyone encountered same problems, or have other _OS/2 related_ 
questions about running distributed.net client (or pproxy) under OS/2 - feel free to 
Email me, I'll promise to help with best of my knowledge.
  Please read Team Warped "Getting Started With Bovine" and "Performance Tips" 
(look at http://www.ionet.net/~colin/rc5.html) before Emailing me.

Alexey                                            [Team OS/2]
AKA 2:5054/16 at fidonet
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