[RC5] Fwd: ECCp-97 Result Found

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Thu Mar 19 12:32:17 EST 1998

The Certicom ECCp-97 Challenge has been completed already, after only 40% 
of the possible distinguished points were located.

They're planning to start the next challenge after some details are 
worked out.

Just an FYI!

Seth Dillingham
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Date:        3/19/98 6:13 AM
Received:    3/19/98 9:14 AM
From:        Jake Hill, jah at alien.bt.co.uk

Submission follows, more info later. We got lucky again, it
was found earlier than expected. Both points by Greg Thomas,
Switchmanager team.

Congratulations everyone!



The solution to Certicom's ECCp-97 problem is the residue class of
1 6C86AA7C ACF69F1D D28B3E2F modulo 1 6EA1595E D21AE98F B6CCA20D
The calculation was carried out in 53 days by a group of 588
people and 1288 machines in more than 16 countries. It was found
after 186,364 Distinguished Points. At an expected 2^30 iterations per
Point, we estimate it took 200 trillion (200 E12)iterations. We
sustained an average rate of 5 trillion (5 E12) iterations per day,
for the past two weeks.

We achieved 440K 97bit Elliptic Curve iterations per second on an Alpha
600MHz or 494K on an Alpha 400MHz 21264 prototype. We got
125K iterations/sec from a Pentium II 300 and 39K iterations/sec from
a PowerPC 604/120.

The method we used was a "birthday paradox" algorithm iterating 
from random initial points (distributed over all machines) with a
pseudo-random function (the same on all machines) until a collision
was detected at 23:38 GMT on Monday 16th of March 1998. The two Points
were coincidentally both found by Greg Thomas on two different
AlphaServer 8200s, each with four 440MHz 21164A Alpha CPUs.

This effort was organised by the BT Labs team, led by Adrian Escott,
John Sager, Alex Selkirk & Dimitris Tsapakidis and by the Linux Alpha
group, led by Robert Harley at INRIA.

Our proposed prize distribution is indicated on our web page at
If we have won the prize, then we will discuss the mechanics of this


Robert Harley(INRIA): Original 64bit Alpha code & client, p97 code
  user support,   ECC background.
John Sager(BT Labs): 64bit Alpha code conversion to p97, Pentium
  VMS & 32bit Unix clients, proxies, ECC background.
Adrian Escott(BT Labs): ECC background, 64->32bit core code conversion.
Alex Selkirk(BT Labs): Windows clients, keyserver.
Dimitris Tsapakidis(BT Labs): Live stats & user support.
Dave Parkinson(BT Labs): Pentium assembler.
Jake Hill(BT Labs): Mac client & PowerPC assembler.


222 Alpha machines produced 103,000 Points or 55.3%,
753 Pentium machines produced 73,691 Points or 39.5%
the rest were produced by Sparcs, Macs, HPs and others.

The groups & people involved follow. Figures denote Points found
and total contribution.

BT Labs 131163, 70.38%
    [484 email addresses]
digital 14794,  7.94%
    simons at zk3.dec.com
    gorton at amt.tay1.dec.com
    schloss at zk3.dec.com
    reeves at zk3.dec.com
    frank at zk3.dec.com
    gorton at 400mhz_proto@amt.tay1.dec.com
inria 14472,  7.77%
    robert.harley at inria.fr
    guillaume.pierre at inria.fr
legion project 4961,  2.66%
    lindahl at cs.virginia.edu
tu wien 3153,  1.69%
    andi at complang.tuwien.ac.at
    nino at complang.tuwien.ac.at
university of tromsoe 2308,  1.24%
    frodef at acm.org
    tobias at td.org.uit.no
    alvin.brattli at phys.uit.no
duke university - demographics 2032,  1.09%
    ggw at cds.duke.edu
barbarian brothers 1065,  0.57%
    gorton at thetick.antix.com
csmith 1006,  0.54%
    csmith at stoneboro.uucp.cirr.com
lut 920,  0.49%
    bande at lut.fi
alcar group 839,  0.45%
    edlee at chinet.chinet.com
digital unix internet security 712,  0.38%
    spider at leggy.zk3.dec.com
hist institutt for databehandling 703,  0.38%
    einarfd at tihlde.hist.no
vuw:school of earth sciences 699,  0.38%
    bill at geo.vuw.ac.nz
de boulevard 691,  0.37%
    bjv at de-boulevard.nl
    robijn at robijn.de-boulevard.nl
stf at large 642,  0.34%
    spock at abraxas.adelphi.edu
pitney bowes 585,  0.31%
    romansbr at pb.com
lessing research 542,  0.29%
    leonl at icon.co.za
    olive at ilink.nis.za
    rui at ilink.nis.za
bucknell university 496,  0.27%
    jwilkins at bucknell.edu
    systems at bucknell.edu
    weber at bucknell.edu
penn state university 457,  0.25%
    duvernoi at psu.edu
daydreamers 341,  0.18%
    christopher.endsley at interimtechnology.com
sunquest information systems 338,  0.18%
    terry at venus.sunquest.com
digital equipment corporation 324,  0.17%
    woodburn at zk3.dec.com
    gelinas at zk3.dec.com
center for water research 310,  0.17%
    dichro-ecdl at eris.rcpt.to
centrale_lille 221,  0.12%
    mainaud at ec-lille.fr
    masson at ec-lille.fr
    girolami at ec-lille.fr
    lenzotti at ec-lille.fr
    vanhouv9 at cti.ecp.fr
    je at eclia5.ec-lille.fr
    rezoleo at eclia5.ec-lille.fr
    gallico at ec-lille.fr
    cornet at ec-lille.fr
solnet 191,  0.10%
    fli at trekkers.org
    fli at solnet.sollentuna.se
unb 187,  0.10%
    jeffg at nbnet.nb.ca
danimal 167,  0.09%
    danimal at pobox.com
rupture dot net 157,  0.08%
    jon at blading.com
fermi national accelerator lab 150,  0.08%
    baisley at fnal.gov
none 148,  0.08%
    sysadmin at wolf.hip.berkely.edu
    gevaryah at netaxs.com
    wieger at dublin.student.utwente.nl
    sysadmin at wolf.hip.berkeley.edu
ethz informatik 142,  0.08%
    mihailes at inf.ethz.ch
the obfuscation organization 120,  0.06%
    techs at obfuscation.org
jaap 115,  0.06%
    schj at anna.xs4all.nl
digital equipment corporation, unix support engineering group 108, 
    gentry at zk3.dec.com
gaillon 98,  0.05%
    a1504d at micronet.fr
art - futures testbed 83,  0.04%
max-planck institute for plasma physics 79,  0.04%
    dpc at ipp.mpg.de
damicon kraa ltd. 74,  0.04%
    msiren at damicon.fi
le free french 70,  0.04%
    charles at degaulle.com
home 58,  0.03%
    metal at ton.tut.fi
dso 53,  0.03%
    lhiankia at dso.org.sg
caos/camm center 52,  0.03%
    verwer at caos.kun.nl
macintosh 52,  0.03%
    lcollie at compuserve.com
    j-beda at pobox.com
    doolittl at uiuc.edu
    bluequark2 at aol.com
    mattkime at usa.net
    seth at snet.net
freeth's 50,  0.03%
    k.brincat at rhbnc.ac.uk
aa-tech 47,  0.03%
    antinoja at netlife.fi
duchy of wabesylvan obspauk 47,  0.03%
    spider at orb.nashua.nh.us
systems test engineering 38,  0.02%
    dawson at nio.dec.com
harijs 35,  0.02%
    harijs at parks.lv
partner communications 31,  0.02%
    pete at partnercomm.com
team incompetent 30,  0.02%
    dontknowman at incompetent.to
    noleadership at incompetent.to
    loser at incompetent.to
ringzero systems 28,  0.02%
    arc at cts.com
    plalone at alphax.com
renaissance internet services 26,  0.01%
    cadams at ro.com
uninet 24,  0.01%
    barryn at pobox.com
oxfrod 23,  0.01%
    mert0236 at sable.ox.ac.uk
fbs2 17,  0.01%
glen mcbride 13,  0.01%
    gmcbride at baynetworks.com
pent 12,  0.01%
    alnick at mail.wplus.net
delta-net 12,  0.01%
    daniel at delta-net.com
patanjali 11,  0.01%
    patanjali at prodigy.net
neural.net 9,  0.00%
    mdschmoeckel at stthomas.edu
crank 6,  0.00%
    jdonner at erols.com
tu graz 6,  0.00%
    harry at igi.tu-graz.ac.at
spunkmunky 5,  0.00%
    tiensivu at pilot.msu.edu
slap_yo 4,  0.00%
sas 4,  0.00%
    sas at minofdefence.demon.co.uk
ecc at computerx.com 3,  0.00%
    ecc at computerx.com
#macwarez 2,  0.00%
    goffy at 2-cool.com
jobtrak 2,  0.00%
    schatt at jobtrak.com
al's group 1,  0.00%
    livalan at tig.com.au

Our source code can be downloaded from:


The main project page with more info and stats is at:


We invite anyone interested in working on the next calculation to
point their Web browsers at:


Dimitris Tsapakidis        http://www.rabbit.co.uk/dimitris/
dimitris at alien.bt.co.uk    Security Research, BT Labs, Ipswich, UK

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