[RC5] Chance of "the" key being in faulty buffer

Robert Brooks robertb at geocities.com
Thu Mar 19 08:59:57 EST 1998

>[...] Then the database containing
>the information on which sub-blocks of MB-64 have and have not been
>checked can be tossed. These major block databases are rather big,
>and it would be unnecessarily expensive to keep them all.

"Tossed" meaning, I assume, "Backed up onto reliable removable media and
archived in a safe place"?  I agree that a database of static information
doesn't need to be kept on the server, but I'm sure d.net will want to
maintain this information in the event we clear the entire keyspace without
finding the key... that completed block database may contain useful
pointers to faulty clients or malicious submitters.

If we're still looking at a 50 year effort, what *would* be the best
archive medium?  CD-ROM?  8-Track Tape?  Edison phonograph cylinders?  All
will likely be equally obsolete by 2048...

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