[RC5] Zero-time blocks

John Campbell jcampbel at lynn.ci-n.com
Fri Mar 20 10:22:16 EST 1998

	I was looking at the new graphs on the stats (very nice, BTW) and
noticed that my graph had a huge spike in it. At the beginning of the DES
contest, my Novell server went nuts (the first time it tried to fetch from a
dual proxy, I think) and submitted 10,000 or so zero-time blocks before I
noticed what it was doing and shut its client down. I'd assumed from some of
the other posts here that it was a known problem and those blocks wouldn't
be counted. That spike in my stats worries me, though. Is it just the stats
server that thinks those blocks have been checked, or do we really have
10,000 blocks marked as checked that haven't been?

John Campbell
jcampbel at lynn.ci-n.com

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