[RC5] Porting to Atari?

George D. Nincehelser george at nishnabotna.com
Sat Mar 21 21:01:00 EST 1998

Mike Silbersack wrote:

> While porting to other platforms is something we'd like to do (some of those windows CE machines might have nice
> processors, I believe a client is in the works), and even something as strange as porting to a game system could be
> considered (is anyone good at programming a sony playstation?), porting to 8 and even 16 bit processors is something no
> longer worth the effort.

Aren't machines running Windows CE usually battery powered?  I would think running a computation intensive idle-time task
on those machines would tend to render them somewhat non-functional.

As far as game consoles go, a major obstacle would be their general lack of connectivity or other means to get data in and


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