[RC5] running without a proxy server

Greg Wooledge wooledge at kellnet.com
Sun Mar 22 09:44:07 EST 1998

arizona at netpath.net (arizona at netpath.net) wrote:

> i have a second machine that i would like to run the client on, however it
> doesn't have a net connection, only a link to a non-proxy enabled inet
> connected machine.
> what is the best (easiest) way to run the client on the second machine?

It depends on what sort of "link" you have, and the operating systems

If the Internet-connected machine is running, say, Linux; and the second
machine is running, say, Win95; then you could set up a serial cable
between them and run a PPP "server" on the Linux side, and set up PPP
"client" software on the Win95 side, and make the Linux box forward
packets, possibly with IP masquerading.

You could also try running an HTTP proxy server on the first machine,
and using the RC5 client's HTTP-tunneling code.  (The HTTP proxy does
not necessarily have to be listening on port 80.)

Finally, there's always sneakernet (transfer of blocks by floppy disk).

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