[RC5] Porting to Sony Playstation? [WAS: Porting to Atari]

Greg Williams greg at cnation.com
Sun Mar 22 21:35:51 EST 1998

At 03:20 PM 3/21/98 -0600, Mike Silbersack wrote:
>While porting to other platforms is something we'd like to do (some of
those windows CE machines might have nice 
>processors, I believe a client is in the works), and even something as
strange as porting to a game system could be 
>considered (is anyone good at programming a sony playstation?), porting to
8 and even 16 bit processors is something no 
>longer worth the effort.

The playstation CPU may be better equipped to handle the RC5 algorithm, but
getting it to run the client is another trick. Currently all playstation
games are printed on those cool black faced CDs. The only company pressing
these CDs is Sony. Developers buy special Playstations so that the copy
protection built into retail playstations won't be present. So unless you
want to distribute the developer playstations to people, or have Sony press
d.net CDs, this isn't too feasible. [Although, there is a chip that you can
buy for a couple of bucks and solder onto the motherboard of your
playstation that bypasses the copy protection ;)].

Just my thoughts,
Greg Williams

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