[RC5] Porting to Atari? (and other systems)

John "Chris" Wren jcwren at atlanta.com
Sun Mar 22 15:57:42 EST 1998

	I don't know exactly what type shift instructions the code is
wanting to make use of, but the SH/3 that's in the majority of the
PDAs supports single instruction shift by 1, shift by 2, shift by 8,
and I think a shift by 16.

	We use 29.6 megahertz SH/2 in a remote access server we've
announced at Hayes.  It has 3 of them, plus an PPC-860 at 40Mhz. 

	 We've joked about embedded the RC5 code in it, and whenever
it detects a route to a keyserver, it would grab a block.

	If anyone comes up with a port to an SH/2 or SH/3, I'd be

	- Chris

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