[RC5] Porting to Atari?

Adam Polanski skiruby at email.msn.com
Sun Mar 22 10:32:47 EST 1998

>>>As far as game consoles go, a major obstacle would be their general
>>>lack of connectivity or other means to get data in and out.
>> ----
>> I believe that's what cartridge backup devices are for.  BTW, does
>> anyone know how many DES keys a 64 bit console could bitslice, if we
>> could get a few of those things running when DES II 2 comes around...
> Nintendo systems have had an I/O access port in the bottom at least
>since the SNES.  I know the N64 has one.  It could probably be connected
>to via parallel or serial port if someone has knowledge of the system.
>Anyone on this list work for Nintendo?  :)
The SNES has a 16 bit 6502 with the same three registers running at about
2mhz (if I remember right). In my experiments on the user port, whenever I
sent data down it, the screen blanked out. I think though Nintendo fixed
this in a later version. You could also use the sound processor, I have no
clue how fast that was but i think it was close to a 8 bit 6502 in tandem
with the main processor. For a console like the SNES it would more work than
it was worth it.

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