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Subject: [ISN] Workshop on Security in Large-Scale Distributed Systems

From: "Jay D. Dyson" <jdyson at techreports.jpl.nasa.gov>

	Workshop on Security in Large-Scale Distributed Systems
		     Held in Conjunction with the
	    IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems
			    October 20-23, 1998
     In cooperation with: The COAST Laboratory, Purdue University
	                  IFIP Technical Committee 11, WG 4 (Network Security)

In 20 years computing has evolved from mainframe systems with limited
point-to-point networks, to local area networks, to enterprise networks
spanning states and including tens of thousands of hosts, to
wide-scale client-server networks with mobile agents and international

Our understanding and application of good security technology has not
kept pace with these rapid changes.  Fundamental principals are still
unknown in several key areas, reliable metrics and testbeds for
comparison do not exist, and the interaction of security with other
aspects of reliability in highly dynamic environments is still
unpredictable.  The security solutions that have been defined for
single hosts and LANS generally do not scale into networks of tens (or
hundreds) of thousands of systems.

This workshop is intended to promote discussion of new and promising
approaches to the definition, management, enforcement, and recovery of
security-relevant properties in wide-scale distributed systems.  We
invite contributions in all areas of information security, including

  * policy definition in heterogeneous networks
  * software engineering for security and reliability
  * change management in large-scale systems
  * auditing and audit reduction in the large
  * insider misuse definition and detection in large networks
  * intrusion detection in the large
  * incident response and recovery in the large
  * authentication and access control in large-scale systems
  * protection of quality of service
  * software forensics and investigation 
  * defining and tolerating acceptable loss
  * mobile agents and active content issues
  * topological segmentation and firewall clustering
  * perimeter definition and defense
  * the role of standards 
  * the role of COTS (commercial off-the shelf) systems

The program committee solicits abstracts of up to 5 pages for presentations on
the above and related topics.  These abstracts will be reviewed by the
full program committee. Selected submissions will be invited for full
papers for potential publication in the proceedings and for
presentation at the workshop.

The program committee also solicits panel proposals detailing topics
of discussion and 3-6 suggested panel members.

10 paper copies of proposals are due by April 20 to the program chair:
	Professor Eugene Spafford
	COAST Laboratory
	Department of Computer Sciences
	Purdue University
	W. Lafayette, IN 47907-1398
	<spaf at cs.purdue.edu>

Alternatively, PDF format abstracts can be emailed to the program
chair no later than April 17.  Other electronic formats and faxed
submissions will NOT be accepted.

Program Committee:
   Dan Geer, CertCo
   Terry Mayfield, IDA
   J. F. Mergen, GTE Internetworking/BBN
   Biswanath Mukherjee, UC Davis
   Rolf Oppliger, Swiss Federal Office of Info. Technology & Systems
   Joseph Pasquale, UCSD
   Sami Saydjari, DARPA
   Christoph Schuba, Sun Microsystems
   Gene Spafford, COAST, Purdue University (program chair)

The General Chair of the IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed
Systems and its associated workshops is Bharat Bhargava (Purdue

Visit <http://www.cs.purdue.edu/homes/spaf/ws-cfp.html> for the most
up-to-date version of this CFP.  The Symposium URL is

Version: 2.6.2


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