[RC5] dates in e-mail notifictation from clients

Ed Wensell III aka THE StormRaiser EWENSELL at pstcc.cc.tn.us
Tue Mar 24 08:11:01 EST 1998

=> I have a question, why do the dates for the email use the first date in
=> the log was created for the date of the email?  It seems that according
=> to RFC-822 it should be using the date/time the message was created.

=> This is especially frustrating for those of us that have multiple
=> computers running RC5 processes in the background and have them email
=> us the stats every 10000 log lines or so.  It really screws up the
=> sorting on my inbox, when I receive a message dated from three days
=> ago.

Have you tried to see if you can tell your E-mail client to display messages in
the order they were received and not in the order they are dated?

Until soon...
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