[RC5] NT Service

Peter Hugosson-Miller pehu at im.se
Tue Mar 24 13:31:31 EST 1998


My boss has very kindly upgraded my computer to a snappy 333MHz Pentuium
(nothing to do with the Bovine effort), which means that I now have
nearly four times as many clock cycles to throw at distributed.net. Of
course, I now have to re-install all the software that I had accumulated
over the years, including our favourite, the rc5 client.

As I still have to run NT, I thought I might try to install the service
version of the client. A service (if I've understood this correctly), is
a program that runs even when no-one is logged on to the computer, which
seems convenient. I do have some questions about this, though.

1) Is there a FAQ for the service client (or even instructions - how do
I install/use it?)
2) Will the service client start up without any dialogue box, i.e. just
start as soon as NT is up and running, without asking if the
configuration is OK?
3) Does the service client look for "ExitRC5.now" and "PauseRC5.now"
files (I need this, so I can move blocks to/from the machine - our
firewall does its job properly, and won't let the client through!)?
4) Is there a GUI I can use to control the service client (e.g. to
change contests)?
5) Does the service client Moo when finishing a block?

Best regards,

Peter Hugosson-Miller

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