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Tue Mar 24 20:22:21 EST 1998

At 01:31 PM 3/24/98 +0100, you wrote:
>My boss has very kindly upgraded my computer to a snappy 333MHz Pentuium
>(nothing to do with the Bovine effort), which means that I now have
>nearly four times as many clock cycles to throw at distributed.net. Of
>course, I now have to re-install all the software that I had accumulated
>over the years, including our favourite, the rc5 client.
>As I still have to run NT, I thought I might try to install the service
>version of the client. A service (if I've understood this correctly), is
>a program that runs even when no-one is logged on to the computer, which
>seems convenient. I do have some questions about this, though.
>1) Is there a FAQ for the service client (or even instructions - how do
>I install/use it?)

it has help with it, and is not hard to use.

>2) Will the service client start up without any dialogue box, i.e. just
>start as soon as NT is up and running, without asking if the
>configuration is OK?

you never know its there other than the task manager and control

>3) Does the service client look for "ExitRC5.now" and "PauseRC5.now"
>files (I need this, so I can move blocks to/from the machine - our
>firewall does its job properly, and won't let the client through!)?
>4) Is there a GUI I can use to control the service client (e.g. to
>change contests)?

it has an ini file just like the gui

>5) Does the service client Moo when finishing a block?


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