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Brice D. Fleckenstein ciga at surf-ici.com
Mon Mar 23 22:11:42 EST 1998

> A 386/12

 The SLOWEST 386 ever manufactured was the original Intel 80386-16, or
the later clones of that chip, or the 386SX-16.

> however, the 286 is also a slower 16-bit processor than the 386 is

 AMD and Harris made 20 Mhz 80286s. Likely one of those would run pretty
close to or even up with a 386SX-16. Worst case, would run about half as

> My K6/200 can do the equivalent of that in 14 minutes or less.

 And my pair of K5-166s pull standard 2^28 blocks in somewhat under 12
minutes each - but I STILL keep my old 486DX2/50 chugging away at a
"mighty" block every couple hours or so anyway, 'cause I already HAVE it
and it's not doing anything more important.

 I'm not suggesting that Distributed use their limited programming
assets on such a port - waste of resources, for them. But if someone
else with the time and the hardware want to do such a port, no reason
for them NOT to.

 Heck - if I still HAD my C128 (Big Blue Reader to do the data
transfers), I'd do a port to it just to see how badly it *really*
stacked up - or to see if it could actually BE competative 8-)


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