[RC5] Flaky windows...

Ed Wensell III aka THE StormRaiser EWENSELL at pstcc.cc.tn.us
Wed Mar 25 21:03:20 EST 1998

=> We currently have 4 32 meg simms, which has filled the machine... so what we need
=> for this motherboard are 64 meg simms.

=> dB!

=> gindrup at okway.okstate.edu wrote:

Let's get this straight. The stats server has 128 meg of REAL memory available
and it is current choking under the load. Is this machine doing things other 
than stats in the background, or are these just massive numbers it is 
crunching on?? Or is it simply the network load being caused by us users
hitting on the web server?

Just curious...

Until soon...
Ed Wensell III
Systems and Operations Support, Pellissippi State

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